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Let me teach you...
Internet Safety | Travel Safety & Tips
Today's Technology | Apple iPad & iPhone

A Bit About Tammy...

                             Entrepreneur | Speaker | Advocate | Writer | World Traveler...

And her favorite.. Mom

After you spend a few minutes with Tammy it will became apparent that she enjoys teaching any aspect of technology or safety.  As a quick study, rest assured that no matter what the topic that is given to her to research and lecture upon, she will find a fun and captivating way to share the knowledge.

Tammy has traveled to nearly 50 countries which has enabled her to gain quite a bit of insight and knowledge of travel hacks and advice.  Since 2011 she has taught her classes to cruise line passengers across the globe.  Her extremely varied class curriculum on travel and technology has been favorited by several cruise lines and encompassing over 20,000 passengers.  Her most popular class, “Dangers of Facebook” has drawn in 600 people in her audience.

She is the daughter of an electrical engineer, which could explain her love of technology and gadgets early in life. Whether it was building her first stereo from scratch or being one of the first of her friends to buy a cell phone, she has always been interested in the latest technology. She takes particular interest in sharing her knowledge and teaching others what she has learned. Her vibrant and upbeat personality is infectious to all that meet her. A natural entertainer and comedian is how many describe Tammy and her approach to teaching and educating others.

It is no surprise that Computer Science was her favorite class in college. After completing many courses related to computers, software and Apple products through the years, it became apparent that she enjoyed the teaching aspect of technology. After moving to Los Angeles from Nashville, she immediately accepted a position as a Systems Integration Consultant where she primarily created customized software for businesses. When 9/11 occurred, the industry came to a halt and Tammy quickly shifted gears and began her consulting career. She has helped a wide variety of businesses; spanning from hair salons to one who sold rack mount computers to the military.

Tammy can help you learn about the latest in technology, gadgets, and social networking outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and blogs. Tammy can also show you how to get the most out of your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

As an advocate for children & Seniors, Tammy has worked with agencies such as NCMEC- The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Homeland Security, DOJ, FBI, Port Authority, district attorneys, police, and sheriff’s departments nationwide. Collaborating with them to develop programs for child safety has been a passion of hers. She has also worked closely with Microsoft to develop programs for parent education on child internet safety protocol.

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Feedback & Reviews

Reverend Toby Nelson

First Response Chaplains of California
Federal Deployment Team for International Disasters

What a delight to recommend Tammy Searle to you.  Permit me to share my candid and direct knowledge of this high valued worker.  Immediately, you will notice Tammy has an infectious smile and winsome personality.  When you look beneath her natural beauty, you find a gifted leader who inspires new people, and brings out the best in those working around her.  She has a remarkable ability to quickly grasp both the big picture and be detailed.  She is a joy to be around.

The first time I met Tammy was at a mass casualty shelter in San Diego during the catastrophic fires of 2007.  She volunteered early on when chaos ruled.  She stepped in, got other volunteers and the homeless organized, assigned tasks, set up relief lines, gave direction to over 300 Army National Guardsman and had the place running smoothly by the time the Red Cross arrived 4 days later.  All the while, she was smiling, joking and with very little rest.  She contacted personal contacts off of her Blackberry – CEO’s, Senators, media and heads of large organizations to secure desperately needed supplies. 

She also wanted to be sure the countless children were taken care of and turned the upper level of the Del Mar Fairgrounds into a fun place for the children to play for a week – the kids lovingly named it “Camp Tammy”.  She became a regular on CNN and appeared on many TV and radio shows with worldwide coverage handling the media with grace and authority.  She was the go to spokesperson!   She was the only one who was not a San Diego County employee or Red Cross employee.  This was all done as an unpaid volunteer – I think this speaks volumes as to her empathy and dedication towards others.

Tammy’s character is honorable and tested.  Her work ethic is clearly evident as she wholeheartedly takes on a task with irrepressible enthusiasm.  I have watched her creative skills bring dead products to life, finesse superior results by using her unique marketing talents, can multitask complex projects, recruit and train new people to work as an effective team.

She will give you more value than whatever you pay her. Without hesitation or reservation, I can recommend her.  

                                                                           You can confidently bring Tammy Searle onto your team.

David M. Chaney

President & CEO Role 1 CEO/CXO Solutions

First, Tammy is a natural strategic business development executive. Tammy has a broad professional network and is very effective at social networking. Furthermore, and of most importance for business development, her network is within your target market demographic – both mid to upper net-worth individuals and corporations. Tammy’s experience in running her own business, as well as, working to support numerous causes, has honed her business development competency.  

As a 30 plus year veteran of Fortune 500 business development, sales, marketing, business ownership and CEO roles, and now owner of a high-profile CEO/CXO coaching, consulting and mastery firm,, I rarely see someone with her qualities of persistence, authenticity, focus and follow-through. As you know, these are key qualities necessary for optimal business development. 

Additionally, last but not least, Tammy is a strong strategic thinker. She not only considers the short-term production requirements, she also considers long-term business needs and direction within her decision making.

Given the aforementioned, I believe Tammy will successfully leverage her own and additional contacts to develop a very strong client base, as well as, life-time, repeat individual and corporate customers. 

Finally, I’ve also grown to know of Tammy’s passion and persistence through her fight for causes that are personally near and dear to her. This is her most admirable quality. Should Tammy choose to share this with you, I believe you will find her cause work compelling. Clearly, her ability to work with causes and support the same, is one of the most powerful assets any corporation has for strong authentic brand promotion.

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