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Mark Padilla

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Advocate | World Traveler…..And his favorite..    Dad

Mark was raised with a high ethic toward public service and began his FBI Agent Special Agent career in Denver, Colorado.  He was raised by his Father from Michigan who had a French Canadian background and a Mother with a background from Spain. His father was a Lt. Col. In the United States Air Force and Mark spent his childhood years living across the globe in Japan, Germany, and many states in the USA.  

Getting accepted into the FBI is a very difficult proposition and took Mark over 2 years with all of the processing that is involved. The steps included; a Lifestyle Polygraph, background investigation, interviewing neighbors, academic testing and a panel interview with Senior Agents in a separate state location then where an applicant lives or applies. The training at the FBI Academy is very rigorous and included in-depth training on; Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Terrorism,  high speed driving track, demanding physical activities and more. Academics in several disciplines.

  • The first case he worked on was related to the Tim McVeigh, the Bomber of the Oklahoma Federal Building. During his Federal career Mark worked for 5 different Federal Agencies
  • Mark became a commissioned Officer in the U.S. Air Force, National Guard.
  • He has held a Top Secret Compartmental Information (TSCI) for the Military and various Security Clearances in the Investigative World. During his military career he was involved in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).
  • During his Federal career, he finished a Masters in Accounting, and became a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor (both by exam).
  • Mark was a Federal Firearms Instructor as an additional Duty. Recognized as a Distinguished Expert.
  • He also was assigned as armed PROTECTION DETAIL for members of the President of the United State’s (POTUS) Cabinet Members.

During his Federal Agent and Military Career he was highly decorated and received many awards to include:

Certified Fraud Examiners Outstanding Achievement in Law Enforcement Award.

The award is presented to qualified association members who are law enforcement
Employees of the local, state, or federal government and have contributed significantly to
The detection, deterrence, or investigation and prosecution of fraud or white-collar crime

The professional Journal of Federal Law Enforcement Officers “The Eighteen Eleven” 

Office of Inspector General Group Award

As the lead national case agent for the national investigation of Fairbanks Capital Corporation, a sub-prime mortgage loan servicer with a portfolio of over 600,000 loans. Specifically, resulting in a $55.4 Million civil settlement. Was a recipient of the Group and Individual special act/service award.

 The Inspector General stated “Your work on the Fairbanks Capital Case impressively demonstrates how effective teamwork can be in successful criminal investigation and prosecution. I was extremely proud of your team’s ability to coordinate audit and investigative efforts in this high-profile cases in such a seamless manner..”

Inspector General Cooperative Achievement Award

Columbia HCA investigation resulting in a $97 Million settlement: “The professionalism and expertise you displayed in the successful investigation and prosecution of “Columbia/HCA Health Care, Incorporated,” the nation’s largest proprietary hospital corporation, directly contributed to a global settlement of a record $840 million in combined civil and criminal fines”.

U.S. President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency (PCIE) award

PCIE award recognizes outstanding performance and commitment to our common mission.

He was one of the lead case agents on the largest Health Care case conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, Columbia HCA and his portion of the case was settled for $92 Million. The case included serving search warrants in over 14 states and interviewing hundreds of witnesses and suspects.

In addition, he was the lead case agent for the Fairbanks Capital Case a Mortgage Servicing company conducting predatory lending practices on over 600,000 citizens in the USA. Mark was able to secure $55 Million from this company to reimburse victims.

He also supports and works closely with which is a non-profit that conducts operations in 3rd world countries to rescue children from sexually trafficking and slavery. Those on the operations teams include former Federal Agents, Navy Seals other former Military Members.

Mark has focused his energies on facilitating and supporting his children’s invention ideas and resulting “kids” business. Mark and his two kids were recently featured on an Episode on the Science Channel, American Makers show. Specifically, his two kids invented the “Backpal” Which is an insert for any student backpack that manages the weight and organization of heavy laptop and text books. The kids have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and won several awards including “Best of State Innovation”.

Mark has trained his kids many of his past Federal Agent skills. Including, as young children how to ward off an attacker. This skill came in very handy for his daughter when a male attacked her.  

He has taught his children to be fearless and has fostered their creativity. He and his kids have also created an Incubator company FreshmanInventors.Org to help other Young People get their products and ideas to the marketplace. Check out their video here: FRESHMAN INVENTORS, Deja (age 17) Canyon (age 14) at the time. 

Mark and the kids are a unique and outgoing “team” and able to conquer any challenges they face. This quickly becomes evident when watching on their appearances on the Science Channel, Discovery Network and American Makers. 

Lead case agent for National Scope Engagements. To include audit, investigations, compliance.

FBI-Financial Crimes, FBI-Corporate Integrity, FBI-Health Care Fraud, FBI-Cyber Security, FBI-Security,

FBI-Money Laundering, FBI-White Collar Crimes, FBI-Bank Fraud, FBI-Domestic Terrorism,

FBI-Under Cover Operations, FBI-Wire Fraud, FBI-Witness Tampering, FBI-Firearms, FBI-Media Analysis,

FBI-Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI-Bank Fraud, FBI-Defensive Tactics,

FBI-Interviewing Techniques, FBIInterrogation Skills