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Tammy Searle

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Entrepreneur | Speaker | Advocate | Writer | World Traveler.....And her favorite..    Mom

Tammy has traveled to nearly 50 countries which has enabled her to gain quite a bit of insight and knowledge of travel hacks and advice.  Since 2011 she has taught her classes to cruise line passengers across the globe.  Her extremely varied class curriculum on travel and technology has been favorited by several cruise lines and encompassing over 20,000 passengers.  Her most popular class, "Dangers of Facebook" has drawn in 600 people in her audience.

As a quick study, rest assured that no matter what the topic that is given to her to research and lecture upon, she will find a fun and captivating way to share the knowledge.

She is the daughter of an electrical engineer, which could explain her love of technology and gadgets early in life. Whether it was building her first stereo from scratch or being one of the first of her friends to buy a cell phone, she has always been interested in the latest technology. She takes particular interest in sharing her knowledge and teaching others what she has learned. Her vibrant and upbeat personality is infectious to all that meet her. A natural entertainer and comedian is how many describe Tammy and her approach to teaching and educating others.

It is no surprise that Computer Science was her favorite class in college. After completing many courses related to computers, software and Apple products through the years, it became apparent that she enjoyed the teaching aspect of technology. After moving to Los Angeles from Nashville, she immediately accepted a position as a Systems Integration Consultant where she primarily created customized software for businesses.

When 9/11 occurred, the industry came to a halt and Tammy quickly shifted gears and began her consulting career. She has helped countless businesses; spanning from hair salons to a company that sold rack mount computers to the military. Tammy can help you learn about the latest in technology, gadgets, and social networking outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,RSS feeds and blogs. Tammy can also show you how to get the most out of your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

As a child advocate, Tammy has worked with agencies such as NCMEC- The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Homeland Security, District Attorneys, Police, Sheriffs and Port Authority to develop programs for child safety. She has also worked closely with Microsoft to develop programs for parent education on child internet safety protocol.


Student  |  World Traveler  |  Avid Reader
Yen was born in a Southeast Asian country – Vietnam and raised under the influence of Asian culture. After graduating a bachelor degree in Business Administration in her country, she moved to the States in 2011 and attended her second degree in Computer Science at UCSD. She chose the Computer Science major because she never thinks she has always had a passion to become an engineer..

Yen loves to challenge herself by continually learning new things and by exploring the world through travel.  By increasing her knowlege in technology, she has learned how to minimize the risk from the Internet and would like to help others people by sharing her knowledge.

Her favorite hobbies are cooking, reading books, traveling, doing crafts, watching cute babies’ video on Youtube and listening to Christmas music all year long. Her dream is smiling everyday, making a road-trip from West Coast to East Coast with her husband and opening a restaurant to introduce the best Vietnamese foods, culture, places and encourage people come and visit her country in the future.

She enjoys working with people and listening to them well to understand their specific needs. She is patient, lives simply, thinks positive, tries her best when doing things and believes in good things in life.  Her mantra is to never gives up.



Graphic Design & Branding Expert |  Entrepreneur

April Jack, owner/creative director of ‘all 4 design’, a full service creative design studio providing fresh and effective graphic design for print, web and email, brand development, advertising, and marketing collateral.

Design is my passion, I love to “color outside the lines” and evolve your ideas into visual solutions!
I visually communicate your message through creativity, showcasing your unique value to fit your needs and effectively grab your target market. Unifying your brand within all collateral and experiences to maintain a recognizable identity to define the personality of your company or product. This takes thought and reason to why I use certain elements, colors, etc. to evoke particular emotional responses, to demand attention and represent you to the world.

My goal is to exceed your design needs from concept to completion, whether you’re a small start up or a large established company. But to me it’s about more than designing with a critical eye, it’s also about building client relationships and meeting every deadline, while I’m always organized, open minded and positive!

Capture your audience and connect through the language of design. Keep your eyes, minds, and hearts open. The creativity of ‘all 4 design’ can show you the unique power of design and how it can be used to inspire and affect the world around you.


Travel Agency Owner & Expert | - UK based

Entrepreneur | World Traveler And her favorite..    Mom

Flavia’s experience and knowledge is coupled with her passion for providing an outstanding level of service. When you add her love for attention to detail it will ensure peace of mind knowing that you are in great hands.

Her extensive cruise knowledge has enabled her to achieve the top level of training with the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA) thus earning the title of CLIA Cruise Master.

Having worked for many years in the travel and cruise industry it became clear that customer service was her passion.  In 2012, she made the brave choice to acquire a travel franchise and since that endeavor, she has never looked back.  Flavia’s business has grown significantly and has been built on repeat business and referrals. This speaks volumes to her customer loyalty.

In 2015 she was among and elite group of only 6 people who were selected in two categories for the TTG Awards, Cruise Agent of the Year and Travel Agent of the Year – Independent.

As a Travel Counsellor, Flavia has access to competitive rates and is fully ATOL protected and is also a member of the Association of Women Travel Executives (AWTE) network.

Flavia's first holiday as a child was an unforgettable trip to Los Angeles in 1976. The combination of glorious sunshine, lavish palm trees, stunning sandy beaches, theme parks combined with the glitter of Hollywood, certainly sparked her passion for travel.

Since then she has visited many amazing countries around the world including Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Canary Islands, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Copenhagen, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Iran, Syria, Russia, Caribbean and the list continues to grow.

Flavia is a proud mom of two children; Lucy (17) and Joshua (3) and resides in the leafy home county of Surrey, bordering Greater London, in close proximity to London Airports Gatwick and Heathrow.





Travel Agent – San Diego, California  

Founder of a full service travel agency 800-644-7016

  • An affiliate of FROSCH Globalpoint, LLC and Carefree Vacations
  • Phone: 858-461-9066 or 858-999-3025
    fax: 858-227-0143
    reservations: 800-644-7016 or 800-571-7188
     9710 Scranton Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Our company has a long history dating back to over 40 years in the travel industry.
  • We had our beginnings back in 1974 as a ski company known as Rocky Mountain Ski Tours. Our motto was “Ski trips to where ever it snows”
  • In the year 2000 ventured into the online travel agency business which originally began as a retail brick and mortor agency in Pacific Beach, California back in 1981.
  • Today we operate our call center in San Diego, California in conjunction with Carefree Vacations and FROSCH GLOBALPOINT TRAVEL SOLUTIONS.
  • Our team of travel professionals can help you plan a family vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding, cruises, weekend getaways and help you with complex travel itineraries.
  • Don’t forget to Ask About Our “MEET or BEAT” Policy. If you see a lower price on the internet ask us to do a price match.

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