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As a quick study, rest assured that no matter what the topic that is given to me.,,

I will research and create an informative class.

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way to share the knowledge.

Tammy is a very talented professional. She has excellent presentation skills, and is very knowledgable about technology as related to applications in daily living. I have attended 3 presentations where I was able to make these observations. As a retired teacher, I am aware of the skills required to present to a large audience with a wide variety of learning styles.

Tammy demonstrated knowledge and practice in reaching a variety of learning styles, and is proficient in differentiated instruction. She effectively connects with her audience using humor, and common experiences in an effort to illustrate her main ideas. Teaching technology to a varied audience presents many obstacles. Many folks are threatened by technology, and not easily able to connect with the message.

Tammy is able to break through this barrier which is actually quite extraordinary.
It places her in an elite group of technology teachers in my opinion. I would not hesitate to employ Tammy in a position in which she can teach technology issues to almost any age group. Her passion for the subject, along with an easy going personality make for a great connection with her students. I worked for 35 years in the area of Career & Technical Education, much of that with Employability Skills, and I place

Tammy Searle in the top tier of professional educators I have had the fortune to have been associated with.
She would be an asset to most any organization in which she can work in the area of keeping current in the rapidly changing IT environment.
George H
Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State

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What I Do &

Why I Do It...


♥️  My Wanderlust for traveling the World

♥️ ♥️   Coupled with my passion for teaching and helping others to learn in a fun environment…

♥️♥️♥️   Is how this labor of  LOVE  began

Travel Safety

Let us guide you on staying safe as you travel the World and close to home.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips on packing, making flying more comfortable or how to get the lowest airfares and hotels. We are here to help.

Travel Destinations

We will share our best tips to destinations Worldwide.  Need to know about a certain location?  Just ask us to research it for you.

In Addtion to Travel I also teach…

Internet Safety

Let us show you how to remain safe on the internet at home and while traveling

iPhone & iPad Tips

Learn the in’s and outs of your iPhone and iPad.  Easy video tutorials.  The latest apps.  The latest IOS updates.

Internet Safety

Facebook Useage

iPhone & iPad 

Travel & Everyday Safety

Travel Tips

Travel Destination

New Classes Added Weekly 

My Story

Life is good..♥️

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to nearly 50 countries which has enabled me to gain quite a bit of insight and knowledge of travel hacks and advice.  Since 2011, I have taught classes to cruise line passengers across the globe.  

My extremely varied class curriculum on travel and technology has been favorited by several cruise lines and encompassing over 20,000 passengers.  The most popular class, “Dangers of Facebook” has drawn in 600 people in my audience…

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Testimonial - Law School Professor

“ I  am a professor at Cal Western school of Law. Tammy came to me several years ago with an idea for a project , the ALEXIS Alert System for the law students.  She and I collaborated to create a new course for our law school. Tammy is one of the most energetic and determined people I’ve met.  I’ve seen her demonstrate excellent people skills at all times. Perhaps her strongest quality is her ability to work independently and move things forward even against apparent obstacles.She’s an asset to any organization or individual, particularly in a world that requires fortitude.Janet W
Professor of Law
Cal Western – San Diego 


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